Trophy History

Trophy and Monthly Medal Competitions History

The Ron Bartholemew Three Club Challenge


This Trophy was named in honour of long time member Ron Bartholemew, a former Royal Marine Commando, keen cyclist and bowls player, ex captain of the Shaggies and ten time Trophy winner who passed away in 2014.


The Winter Trophy


The Winter Trophy was a gift from the Boldmere Ladies Golf Club, presented to the Shaggy Dogs by Beryl Saunders. It actually is a Shaggy Dog.


The McGlade Trophy


This trophy was presented to the Shaggy Dogs by Tony McGlade, a past captain of the main club in the mid 1970's Tony was a successful self employed plumber by trade. An oddity with Tony was that he was also very successful male model.


The Mac Trophy


The Mac Trophies were donated by Beth McKelt, daughter of John 'Mac' McKelt, a very popular long time member who was a Factory Manager also a good ballroom dancer  who passed away in 2016.


The St. George's Trophy


This Trophy was presented by member Vic Smart in 2005. Vic is a Royal Navy veteran of the Korean war, serving on board HMS Triumph.  He was also navy middleweight boxing champion and ex Fire Brigade station officer.


The Cap Smith Trophy


This trophy was presented by Gilbert Smith widely known as Cap Smith. As youngsters during the 1st world war, whenever they played football or cricket, Cap became the Captain, hence Capt. Smith which was abbreviated to Cap Smith.


The Millenium Trophy

This Trophy was created to commemorate the Millennium.

The J. O'Donnell Jubilee Trophy


Jim was a retiree from Dunlop he used to frequent the Boldmere Golf Course Café. Very often during the year when the Shaggies had nothing to play for Jim would put up a bottle of scotch. Eventually he sponsored this Trophy.


The A.J. Lea Chairman's Trophy


This trophy was presented by Mr Alfred J Lea. Alf was a lifelong supporter of Boldmere Golf Club and served on the committees for many years. Alf was a founder member of the Shaggy Dogs and was instrumental in naming the club. He designed the logo as he did for the main club. Alf lived in Boldmere, and was born in a water mill which was somewhere near the site of the  9th Tee. Alf together with Cap Smith, Don Wilcox, Fred Price, Jim Curtis, Ossie Beynon were the original founder members. The main reason for the formation was that they were all approaching their retirement and thought that midweek competition would get them up out of bed for some golf related inter action between them, and keep them active

The F.W. Price Rosebowl


Presented by Freddie Price a real stalwart golfer who for many years was the main club champion. Born just after the turn of the century in Kings Norton, Fred worked at the IMI in the Rod Mill where he was the Works Superintendent.

The Alan Wood Trophy.


Alan Wood, a former seaman in the Royal Navy and a business owner  was for many years the Handicap and Competitions Secretary at the club.


The J. W. Curtis Trophy


Jim Curtis again was a founder member of the Shaggy Dogs. In his later days play regularly with Freddie Price. Jim was also a member of The Castle Bromwich Golf Club in the 1920’s.


The R. Nightingale Trophy.


No information available


The Redmore Trophy


This Trophy was named for Godfrey Redmore who was the main club captain.


The R. Wells Trophy


Reg Wells was a member of the main club and the Shaggy Dogs. He was also a Hockey referee.


The Six Course Challenge

Created in 2015 as a season long competition


The Critchley Jug


This Jug was donated By David Docker and named for his wife, Jeanette Mary Docker nee Critchley, who had supported Boldmere Golf Club for many years and passed away in 2012.

The Eagle Trophy

The Eagle Trophy was presented to the club by member Harold White in 2008.