CONSTITUTION Revised April 2019


1.       Name of Club

The name of the Club shall be ‘ The Boldmere Shaggy Dogs Golf Club’

2.       Objects

To encourage the playing of golf by senior citizens in the spirit and etiquette of the game. To fix handicaps, promote competitions and other events as the Committee shall decide.

3.       Membership

 a)      Applications for membership should be by letter addressed to the Secretary. New members must complete a membership form and be proposed and seconded by existing members. Membership is for persons who are no longer in full time employment, are 57 years of age or over and can play regularly in the Club’s competitions at Boldmere golf course each Friday commencing at approximately 9am (except Bank Holidays).

 b)      Before final acceptance, the applicant will be interviewed by at least two members of the Management Committee for the purpose of assessing demeanour and playing ability to a maximum handicap of 28. Should five or more members object to the application then admission will be denied.

 c)       Present and future members should be prepared to take office on the Management Committee if they are proposed and seconded.

 d)      The number of full subscribing members shall be restricted to a total of 40. In the election of new members, preference shall be given to members of the Boldmere Golf Club who have been members for a minimum of two years and who qualify under Rule 3a above.

 e)      Non subscribing Life Members will retain all playing and social benefits attributed to playing members

 f)       A member may, in the event of personal circumstances, apply to become an Associate Member with a subscription of £10 per annum. Whilst retaining other privileges they will not be eligible to play in Club Competitions.

g)       All playing members must ensure they have insurance covering personal liability and personal accident when playing in any recognised golf society event.

 4.       Management

The Officers of the Club shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Competitions Secretary and Assistant Competitions Secretary, who will form the Executive Committee for all purposes and who will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting which will be held during the month of either March or April.

 5.       Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held during the month of either March or April and 50% of the total membership shall form a quorum. The Chairman after giving 14 days notice, may call a Special General Meeting to consider important matters at any time.

6.       Subscriptions

Annual Subscriptions shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and shall be paid within a period of one month after the meeting

7.       Competitions

 a)      All competitions shall be played over 18 holes except the Millenium Trophy and the Chairman’s Trophy which shall be played on two separate Fridays over 36 holes.

 b)      Revision of handicaps shall be the responsibility of the Competitions Secretary.

 8.       General

 a)      The Committee reserves the right to terminate a membership in exceptional circumstances.

 b)      The Committee shall have the authority to deal with any exceptional circumstances not governed by these rules